August 29, 2017

Finished school but not going to uni? Here are your options

Finishing school is a massive achievement – but the pressure doesn’t die down once you’ve got your results. This is especially true if you haven’t chosen to go to university and have to set your own path for the next three or four years.

With so many employers focusing on graduates, it’s easy to think of forging a career without a degree as an impossible task. But if you’re more interested in getting out there and earning straight away or pursuing a degree simply isn’t the right choice for you right now, then you might be surprised by the amount of choice you have. Even better, if you live in Wandsworth and Lambeth, you have access to some fantastic opportunities with BASE.

We’re an initiative dedicated to providing exceptional people with exceptional work – here’s just a few of the directions you could take with us to get your career off to a bright start.

Get stuck in

The first crucial step is to identify the careers that don’t require a degree, and think about the ones that appeal to you. Careers in hospitality and retail are a great opportunity to get into the world of work straight away. The work is exciting and there’s scope for immediate advancement, so you could find yourself in a management role sooner than you’d think. Working in hospitality and retail will also help you develop a handy set of transferable skills – like time management and customer service. They can be tough industries and you’ll need to be on your toes from the outset but you’ll have the support of a team of like-minded people committed to the same goals you are.  

At BASE, we can help you find a career that achieves a balance between challenging and team-focused work, all while taking part in one of the most exciting redevelopment projects in London. It’s the perfect environment to push yourself and fulfil your potential.

Hone your skills

Getting the most out of industries like hospitality and retail means perfecting the required skills. BASE offers a number of training course to help you do just that.

Some things, like excellent customer service and the ability to work under pressure, can be difficult to learn on the job. Our courses are specifically designed to help you develop these skills so when you start your new role you’re able to make a seamless transition and you’ll have the answer for every situation. We work closely with the Battersea Power Station businesses, which means our courses benefit from being close to the action where you can get the best possible preparation for a career in hospitality, retail or something similar.

Learn, learn and learn

Another option is to take an apprenticeship. This way, you’ll get hands on experience what the work is like in your chosen industry, while also gathering a more in-depth understanding of that industry at the same time. You’ll be able to choose from a diverse range of exciting professions, making it easy to find the one that most suits you. Best of all, they’re flexible. Our apprenticeships are made to be tailored so you can fit them around your schedule – you can choose from anything between a few days a month to a full five-day week – allowing you to take full advantage of what’s on offer.

Together with Battersea Power Station’s restaurants, retailers, office tenants and estate management contractors, we’ll promote any and all apprenticeship opportunities as they become available, so you can be sure to find the right one.

If any of these opportunities interest you, join our talent pool today.