March 1, 2019

Five ways to impress a prospective employer before an interview

You’ll be amazed at how many candidates forget to do basic research before an interview. So here are some top tips:

1. Write a great cover letter!

Never underestimate the power of a great cover letter. This is your chance to tell your story and convince your prospective employer that you’re the best person for the job. Talk about what inspired you to apply for a job at this company instead of a competitor. Talk about the skills and experience you can offer so the employer/interviewer can see how much value you could bring to this role.

The interviewer may refer to your cover letter during the interview and clarify anything you may have written – so make sure there is nothing misleading before you submit your application.

2. Learn who founded the company

Find out when the company was established and who founded it. What did this person hope to achieve? Every successful brand has a story to tell. If the company has been established for many years, research some of the key events in its history. For example, it may have won a prestigious award or been involved in a special charity event that made the headlines.

You might end up knowing more about the company’s history than the interviewer! (now, that makes a really good impression)

3. How many offices does the company have?

There’s a good chance you might be asked a question along the lines of ‘what do you know about our company?’. Throwing in a few facts about the structure and size of the company can be another great way to impress the interviewer and show that you’ve done your homework.

4. What are the company’s values?

Every successful company has core values that all employees are expected to embrace. While it’s fine to talk about how the company might be championing equal opportunities, inclusiveness, etc, these values are adopted widely across all industries today. Try to find something that makes this brand stand out from its competition. For example, the company may be passionate about a particular cause, or involved in a government-sponsored campaign to improve employee engagement, productivity or working culture.

5. Does the company have any ambitious goals?

Think carefully about why the company is hiring. Perhaps it has big expansion plans and will soon be opening a new office? Or maybe it’s launching an exciting new product range or a national/global campaign? Doing this kind of research will show that you’re not only keen to get the job, you’re also enthusiastic about being part of the company’s success story.

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