July 27, 2017

Top tips for turning the tide in your interview

So, you’ve got an interview coming up and you’re unsure how to prepare. It’s a strange thing we’re asked to do – getting ready for questions we don’t know yet. It’s also quite an intimidating prospect, stepping into an office full of strangers and being expected to present yourself impeccably, or risk failure.

It’s all a matter of perspective, though.

And when viewed correctly, it doesn’t have to be that daunting. Meeting your potential employer for the first time is your chance to show them everything that makes you great. To help you make the most out of the opportunity, we’ve put together a list of timeless tips to help you bring out your best side in the dreaded interview.

Don’t overthink it

Yes, the interview is a critical stage of the job finding process, but you’re only hurting your own chances by reading too much into it. If you’ve got an interview, it’s most likely your potential employer has already seen and approved of your CV. So it’s often more of a chance to present your personality, which is hard to do if you’re overthinking everything.

Ask your own questions

Interviews should be a two-way process. By asking questions you can get some more information on your potential job, but you’ll also show your potential employer that you’re eager and engaged. These are the exact qualities all employers look for in applicants. Do some digging about the company and the person interviewing you using Linkedin or other platforms, and come to your interview armed with a few pre-prepared queries.

Take your time

Potential employers are fully aware that interviews are a high-pressure situation for applicants. It’s a handy way for them to see how you deal with that level of pressure. Take your time to show them you’re not rushing and that you’re able to remain calm. You’ll impress the interviewer and give yourself adequate time to think of the right answer.

Keep body language in mind

Body language can communicate things that words just can’t. Try to appear positive at all times, don’t slouch in your chair, and show your potential employer that you’re open and receptive to their questions.

Expect to be thrown off guard

It’s common practice for employers to ask at least one ‘killer’ question during an interview. More often than not, they won’t be expecting a ‘correct’ answer, they just want to see how you’ll react. Keep this in mind and don’t worry if you can’t answer – be honest and admit when you’re stuck.

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