March 6, 2018

Reskilling for the age of digital

Digital skills are no longer the sole domain of high-tech jobs. Technology has transformed our lives so rapidly in the past couple of years that every employee needs some sort of digital ability.


The growing popularity of smartphones, smart TVs and instant personalised service is driving digital transformation across many traditionally service-oriented jobs from retail to hospitality and restaurants.

Customers expect to be able to order online. Sometimes this means ordering online and collecting their purchases from a physical shop. They use loyalty cards allowing companies to collect data on their buying habits, in exchange for special offers and savings. Apps are becoming widespread across most industries. Customer feedback and reviews are online and easily accessed by mobile.

As technology progresses it will be even more important for employees to be comfortable and knowledgeable with the way they will need to use this technology to do their jobs.

Ability to use social media

Customers are on social media, so employees need to be too. Social media provides an accessible platform to share information and engage with customers. Use is booming but the preferred platforms are constantly changing.

Electronic recordkeeping

The options for business recordkeeping are greater than ever before, from spreadsheets, to apps for tracking inventory, to sales records and stats recorded on electronic cash registers. Staff will need to know how to store vital company information and access and use the data in a variety of ways.


As messaging becomes the default communication tool, email is falling out of popularity for personal use. However, it’s still one of the staples of workplace technology. Employees need to know the basics of formatting and sending out email from multiple devices.

Looking to the future

Digital transformation is changing everything about the way we live and work. The Internet of things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already having an impact that will increase ever faster as technology progresses. Today’s workforce needs to be prepared. According to a recent government survey, 63% of employers say that lack of properly skilled employees holds them back.

BASE is working to turn that statistic around. BASE offers multiple training programmes to ensure that the staff they match with employers are equipped with the appropriate 21st century skills needed.


BASE offers a range of diverse apprenticeship programmes to empower people at the beginning of their careers.

Foundation training

The BASE foundation training programme provides an introduction to working in customer service, hospitality, and security at Battersea Power Station focusing on the skills needed in the modern workplace.

BASE Service Excellence training

The BASE Service Excellence training programme is a customer service qualification that combines customer service training with knowledge of the heritage of Battersea Power Station.

If you’re interested in an opportunity with BASE, join our talent pool today to hear about vacancies and opportunities to develop your skills.