September 22, 2017

Returning to work after a career break? Here are your options

Getting back into work after some time out can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to weigh up your options, decide what you want to do most, then make a wholehearted commitment to seeing it through. BASE has a number of superb employment opportunities in exciting industries and we believe everyone has the potential to be exceptional.

So whether you’re coming back into work after a short holiday or a long-term break, there’s fulfilling work waiting for you. Here’s how you can maximise your chances of landing the right job.

Root through your toolbox

If you’re coming back into work after a break, you’ll have had a job before you took the time off. So, when you start thinking about finding new employment, think about what you were best and enjoyed doing most in your old job. It’s easy to think your skillset might be outdated or irrelevant nowadays, but no matter what you were doing, there’s always transferrable skills. Were you working in a job where you had to have excellent customer service? Then consider a career in retail or hospitality, where that skill is invaluable. Perhaps your previous employment required knowledge of office programmes like word and excel? If so, then raid the internet to see how these might’ve changed, familiarise yourself with the updates and prepare in advance of applying for your new job.

Take your time

The luxury of time to carefully weigh up your options isn’t always available, but if you can spare some time to give your decision some real thought, then it’s definitely wise to do so. Think about what you liked and didn’t like about your previous employment, and keep these things in mind as you begin seeking new work. While it can be tempting to think you have to go back into something similar as before, it’s also key to take the chance to think about doing something completely different. A great thing about taking a break from employment is that it can give you some perspective. Think about what you enjoyed while you weren’t working a job and try to apply the learnings to make the most out of your new job. It’s far better to start at the bottom of a ladder you want to be on than to return halfway up one you don’t.

Learn from the past

If you’ve taken a long break from work it can feel like a strange new world when you’re trying to get back into it. But while the work itself may change, the process of getting it always relies on a few key things that you’ll have done successfully to get your previous job. Seek out your old CV’s and cover letter and think about what you did well, and what you might need to tailor and update to fit the context you’re in now. It’s key to learn from your mistakes but just as important to remember what you did well, so you can make sure to repeat the feat this time around.

Consult your network

It never hurts to reach out to some old friends and see if they have any advice or, better yet, potential avenues for new employment. If you know people who are working now they might be able to shed some light on what the situation has become in your chosen field. If so, try to get as much information from them as possible to arm yourself with added insight when you go about applying for jobs. Treat this process as a professional one – so prepare your CV in advance and think about your skill set before you start contacting people. That way, should they be able to refer you to anyone, you can make sure it’s the right person at the right place.

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