July 29, 2019

Why there’s never been a better time to start a career in leisure

Does the thought of a standard 9-5 office job make you cringe? Do you love working with people? Have you always dreamt of travelling the world? Then find out why a career in leisure could be perfect for you.

The UK’s leisure industry is thriving

The UK leisure industry supports around 2.6 million jobs and generates more than £200 billion in revenue each year. That means almost 1 in 10 people in the UK workforce are employed in this sector.

A leisure career can be incredibly dynamic

The leisure sector is incredibly varied, with a huge range of possibilities to work in different sectors. For example, in the travel sector, you could work in adventure tourism or spend many weeks of the year working on a luxury cruise liner. In the health and fitness sector, you could become a personal trainer, a gym manager or a massage therapist. Other popular sectors to work in include corporate hospitality, hotels, conferences, restaurants and the public sector.

You’ll have the opportunity to travel the world

Another big draw of the leisure industry is that many jobs offer the opportunity to work internationally. You could end up doing a six-month work placement in the Caribbean or Australia, taking regular trips to luxury hotels and restaurants all over the world, or working abroad permanently.

Make a difference to people’s lives

A career in leisure gives you the opportunity to change people’s lives. For example, a personal trainer will have excellent motivational skills to help their clients achieve a specific goal, whether it’s to lose weight or gain muscle. Some leisure professionals provide vital support for people with chronic health conditions, while others may work in teaching to help students acquire a particular skill or reach a fitness goal (i.e. yoga or swimming).

Top skills you’ll need for a career in leisure

  • Excellent communication skills

The leisure industry is very customer oriented; whether you’re working in health & fitness or in a restaurant, you’ll spend much of your time dealing with customers.

  • Time management skills

Leisure jobs are often fast paced with unpredictable workloads, especially in companies where customer demand can change quickly. Therefore, you’ll need to have sound time management skills to succeed in this industry.

  • Motivational skills

Because many leisure jobs are customer-facing, you’ll need to demonstrate high levels of motivation and enthusiasm to make a great impression.

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