March 22, 2020

Why you should consider a career in estate management

Think back to when you were a child – what did you want to be when you grew up? Admittedly, estate management may not have been your first answer, but did you know that it’s a career that combines creativity, teamwork, practical skills and strategic thinking?

People working in estate management are responsible for keeping their buildings and grounds attractive, well maintained and safe for the people who live and work there. This might involve commissioning and negotiating with building contractors and landscapers, preparing reports on how the buildings are running and managing teams.

This makes it perfect for quick-thinking problem solvers who are calm in a crisis. If this sounds exciting, here are some of the top reasons why this little-known career might be the perfect path for you.

The best of both worlds

One of the most interesting aspects of estate management is the diversity of the work involved. While there are administrative, office based tasks like writing reports and managing budgets, you’ll also be making frequent site visits to your building or community to meet with clients and stakeholders.

That means you get the best of both worlds – the comfort and security of an office alongside frequent visits to stay up to date with work on site and to get a breath of fresh air – sometimes literally!

No two days are the same

Not only will you be working from various different locations, the jobs that you do there will be different every day too.

The world of estate management is fast paced, meaning you’ll have to stay up to date on changes in budgets, sales, insurance and law to name but a few. You’ll be constantly learning and facing new challenges, so you’ll never get bored. This is a great environment in which to expand your skills and increase your value as an employee.

The industry is also moving towards more digital and sustainable ways of working, so there’s never been a more exciting time to join.

You’ll work closely with people

When you’re wearing all those different hats, you’re going to be working with lots of different types of people, each with their own priorities and concerns. This means excellent communication skills are crucial to ensure everyone is kept up to date with developments around your buildings.

It’s very rewarding to have the opportunity to help people every day and make a real difference in their lives. You could be helping someone in their first home or working on an iconic venue like Battersea Power Station.

Conferences and networking events hosted for the sector are also popular, offering a chance to learn from colleagues and meet key career & business contacts.

So if all of this appeals, estate management could be your dream job.

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