August 26, 2019

What to do if your A-Level results weren’t what you expected

It can be very disheartening when you don’t get the exam results you were hoping for. However, each year, many thousands of young people receive A-Level results that were less than they expected.

So, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone – and hope is not lost.

Here some top tips on what to do if you didn’t get the A-Level Grades you wanted.

Consider resitting your exams

Find out if you can resit your exams without having to retake the year. If there were extenuating circumstances which are likely to have impacted on your results, find out if you may be able to retake some of your exams without having to pay the resit fee.

Alternatively, some sixth form/higher education colleges may be willing to accept students onto A-Level courses if they almost meet the criteria (i.e. receiving a Grade C if a course stipulates a B). This may be more likely if the course is undersubscribed.

Apply for an apprenticeship

There are many apprenticeships which only require GCSEs, so your A-Level results will be irrelevant here. An apprenticeship will also give you the chance to gain work experience, achieve a qualification and earn a living simultaneously.

Consider taking a gap year

Maybe now’s the right time to ditch the syllabus and broaden your horizons. A gap year of travelling will not only give you a whole new perspective of the world, it could also help boost your confidence and earn you some new skills for the workplace.

Find new ways to boost your CV

Besides GCSEs and A-Levels, there are many other ways to impress a recruiter or a prospective employer. Here are our top CV boosters:

  • Try some short courses to show that you’re willing to learn and gain new skills.
  • Do some voluntary work to show that you care about helping others and making good use of your free time.
  • Write a great cover letter that demonstrates your passion for your desired job/sector.
  • Mention any special skills you have (i.e. proficiency in software apps, foreign languages, etc) and how these are relevant to your desired job/sector.
  • Talk about any extracurricular activities you’ve done in the last couple of years and how these have helped you develop your teamwork skills.

Last note:
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